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#1 Baseball Camp in USA. 20k + players can't be wrong


Come be a part of the most revolutionary baseball training system on the market!

I have been labeled as one of the most sought after in MLB for increasing pitching velocity, batting power and running speed.

2 days of the most mind opening training experience you will ever have guaranteed.

Need to throw harder? Need to hit with more power? Need blazing speed on the bases? Want to decrease any chance of injury?

Join me at my problem solving, performance boosting professional baseball camp.

If you have dreams of pitching in college or in professional baseball you can not miss this opportunity. Over the course of a child's playing career, parents spend enormous amounts of time and money on training items, travel ball, and personal instruction hoping to give them the best opportunity to succeed. The sad part is that the majority do not even make it past high school ball. Why? 99.9% of the baseball training and instruction being used will NEVER increase pitching velocity or reduce the chance of injury.  Most of what has been indoctrinated into the baseball community completely contradicts the latest scientific research.  This dilemna reaches even into MLB. I have traveled across the country changing the approach and mindset of coaches and players at the highest level of baseball. I will show you exactly what works and expose what does not. Results speak and I will get them for you 100% guaranteed!