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Biomechanical Video Analysis

Biomechanical Video Analysis

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100% Guaranteed to increase pitching velocity

How would you like to know exactly what is holding you back from pitching at your hardest while staying injury free?

How would you like to know exactly what you need to correct in your pitching mechanics to pitch at YOUR best?

Most instructors nowadays are giving out dangerous pitching advice about pitching mechanics that only destroy your velocity, control, and your ability to reach your full potential. Along with this bad advise comes injury’s and lack of velocity. If your not throwing MUCH harder on the radar gun in a short period of time its time to rethink who your taking advise from.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can know what “Good Mechanics” are by the naked eye. It does not work that way. You cannot capture the mechanics of a pitcher with the naked eye. It is too fast of a motion. The next problem is most people “think” they know what mechanics are good but in reality most do not.

This pitching analysis service is by far the best investment you can get as a pitcher. Why? Because as we all know sometimes it takes some hands on work to really get the best out of someone. Each pitcher has different mechanics and it takes an in depth analysis to find any problems that would cause you to lose velocity on your fastball or increase the chance of injury. Each pitcher is like a fingerprint and we treat each one with a customized approach. Most instructors give a broad answer for all pitching problems. We don’t do that. We approach each pitcher and customize there game plan according to there mechanics.

There are certain mechanics that are more prone to injury than others. We can identify which ones they are. No pitcher should have any soreness or pain when pitching. Although soreness is thought of as “normal” its actually not. For a pitcher to be continually sore is a tell sign that injury is waiting to occur. Together we can fix that!

I have testimonies from around the world of pitchers from little league all the way to the big leagues that have sky rocketed their velocity while preventing injury in a very short period of time. Do not waste another season not knowing why you are not lighting up the radar gun or wondering why your pitching arm is constantly in pain or sore!

video@pitchharder.com                                                                                                            864-633-7315

Instructions for video

1) Send 10 seconds of video from the 3rd base side ( right handed pitcher ) 1st base side for ( left handed pitcher ) throwing two fastballs.

2) Make sure the whole body is in the shot.

3) Send video to video@pitchharder.com


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