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Pitching Velocity System

Pitching Velocity System

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100% Guaranteed to increase pitching velocity

Introducing a new revolutionary approach to training pitchers. This program is comprised of exactly everything you will need to take your pitching velocity to the next level. No more wondering if this year will be your year to excel. Here at Pitchharder, we focus on exactly what every pitcher wants: to throw harder and do it in the shortest amount of time. Everything we do here is based on the latest scientific research and is customized around building the power pitcher.

What it covers
  1. This book covers a wide array of topics, giving the pitcher a deep insight and scientific understanding of exactly how pitching velocity is created. Many careers have been destroyed because of the traditional doctrines and training that has been handed down. In this book we cover many aspects of traditional pitching training and expose the myths behind them.
  2. In the first section you will establish a foundation of understanding through the latest scientific research giving you an in depth understanding to the “why” you’re doing what you are. I will also show you the research behind the throwing motion while exposing how pitching velocity is lost through energy leaks and how injuries occur over time due to unnecessary strain on the pitching arm.
  3. Once you establish your foundation, you will then begin to add the building blocks of training. I will teach you how to train and how not to train, what to apply and what to stay away from. Everything is formulated to create optimum results!
  4. Join countless MLB professionals and prospects as you start your journey to unlocking your hidden velocity!
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