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Position Player Training

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Are you an infielder, outfielder, or catcher? At Pitch Harder, I don’t only train pitchers. I train every position to produce outstanding stats; whether that be in producing power at the plate, speed and acceleration on the base path, throwing velocity in the infield or outfield, or dramatically dropping the pop time of a catcher. I train every position from the principles of the latest scientific research.

Keys points to help you grasp the importance:

Position Player

~Top speed is not the factor for success. Base pads are only 90ft apart and outfield players only need quick first step explosion and acceleration within an average 50 yard radius.

~Infielder’s average range is 9 years. First step quickness for infield is even more valuable of a quality when trying to throw the runner out after fielding the ball successfully. 

~A top factor for position players is having an extreme amount of acceleration. How quick is the player getting around the bases? How quick can the player get to a ground ball? How quick is he running down a fly ball?


Catchers need lots of power at the plate and a great pop time. A catcher who throws 75 mph to second base can be as effective as a catcher who throws 85 mph to second base but is quick and explosive. Determining the style of catcher you are will help to customize a routine specific to your strengths and weaknesses, while eliminating energy links within the kinetic chain (body linking).

Hitting Power

Hitting power is CRUCIAL to success! Position players are scored primarily on their power at the plate, with acceleration being second. I train position players with five exercises specifically designed to create a substantial amount of power in a short time. These exercises are sport specific, backed by scientific research, and guaranteed to transfer to hitting.  Power is developed, and when trained to hitting will produce astonishing results.

My main focus is to implement my scientific training formula to develop powerful ground reaction forces that will cause the athlete extreme acceleration in running, power hitting, and velocity in throwing.

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